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lil chromozome – nine times over lyrics


are you proud of yourself!?
hey what are you getting mad at me for? he tried to rape me!
that’s not what i’m talking about. you had every right to defend yourself from that. i thought pouring your heart out would’ve done something to change you, but no, it did f+cking nothing!
you’re just upset that i’m comfortable being who i am! you know what!? i’ve got something to tell you!
wait a minute. no, don’t you f+cking do it! don’t do what i think you’re going to do!

[verse 1]
i just railed his booty hard and now he cannot stand up
push him on the ground and then i cover him in makeup
that boy thought that he could rape me he’s looking all around for trouble
therapy is for losers and now his v card is taken
you can’t change the way i feel about my superstitions
every time i look at children i just wanna cry
the incident with charlie brown has left me with some questions
why the f+ck was he submissive now i wanna die

every time you run away i wanna go get you back
every time you run too fast i swear your booty cheeks clap
if i want you i will have you that’s the point of our love it’s simple
i will eat you out and you will just have to accept that
you know i’ve been desperately trying to get you with me
every time i get too close you push me back away
i don’t understand why you just can’t be accepting
but you never cared about my feelings anyway
grab some peanut b+tter then i smear it on my doggo
stuffing dudes with so much meat that they’ll be called a taco

dude what are you even talking about!?
shut up! i haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!
good god

[verse 2]
i was playing with his toes and yes i was still sober
stole some booty from the store i do that nine times over
i know you just want to take everything that i give to the homeless people
you a greedy b+tch and now i’m breaking my controller
playing with my homies when i’m turning on my xbox
shoot a couple people while i’m dissing all my friends
my parents said to go outside but i can’t go it’s freezing
dealing with emotions that just never seem to end

i wanna p++p and i really wanna fart
i get inspired by watching kevin hart
that little midget made me feel some type of way for him
i don’t know why but i feel in my heart
if i want to kiss him on the lips, i will
i just don’t know what to say if he will ask for more
maybe he will take the chance to f+ck me, or i will
cause i’ve never felt love for a midget before
[verse 3]
hey, wassup? i just got back from vacation
wait, hold up, i don’t got representation
congress knows that i’m in charge so they’re gonna have to deal with me
and i’m super angry that they don’t do fornication

dancing all around and shaking my b+tt (fart)
do the dirty work then i make him eat my b+tt (fart)
i know you like the feeling of getting spanked
and i hope that you will reward me with your nut
everybody likes to see a victim get put in their place
even if they suffered many bruises on the way
the trauma makes them dangerous and they should be convicted
lock their asses up and then i scurry on away

time to fix this problem that was started in october
having ed in his life has made him lose composure
i don’t care if you have problems with me stealing all the things that matter
everyone should know that i have done this nine times over

oh my god! that was straight fire on the track!!!
god d+mn it! shut up!! what is wrong with you!
(violently attacks him)
i’ve had enough of him being mean. i’m tying him up in this chair. once he wakes up, oh that’s when the real fun begins

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