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blkjragon – 205 lyrics


you know
i stay
you know
i stay
you know
i stay
(i, stay)
you know
i’d stay

wanna love you, ain’t no contest
no one else above you
can you hear me breathing?
know i’m trynna f+ck, yeah
(know i’m trynna f+ck, yeah)
a familiar feeling
need familiar healing

play wit me
(let’s go away, let’s go away)
come lay with me (lay with me)
i’m on the way
(on the way)
play wit me
(like karma babe, call me back)
come lay with me
lay with me
you know that i have time
i could be yo main n+gga
yo main n+gga
yo main trigger
tell me when it feels right
deep d+cking you
being in you

in love with you feels so real
cannot deal
i’d be dumb to
f+ck this sh+t up

bring that ass over herе
(bring that ass over here)
want mе to come, over there
(me to come over there)
touch on me, like you need me
need you a n+gga that sell dope
he want a n+gga to stay cold
he too addicted it’s magic
crashed on the d+ck now its tragic

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