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lil candy paint – trackhawk lyrics


trackhawk fast, i’m mashing in it
you and your friends getting nasty wit’ it
walk in the room, seeing ass and titties
3 second ends, i’m smashing in it
i had to boot up, to turn up on everything, wait ’til they see what i do with the truck
hop off the plane and i’m high as a b+tch, it’s just me and the gang and they walk with as gun
he twisted off percs but, i hope he don’t run
got sights on the side and a light in the front
one h+ll of a closet, i can’t be a bum
this track’ got a line so, i’m lifting it up
styrofoam cup and it’s filled up with mud
she a good lil b+tch, double c on her b+tt
okay, then i f+cked that up
can’t sleep if i don’t bring my gun
she pointing it out and i buy what she want
i live what i rap, i ain’t talking for fun
s+class heated up, sitting out front
no sb, i’ma buy her a donk’
candypaint come in strains, we smoking skunk
i’m on the interstate, the 101
she want my d+ck ’cause she heard i’m the one
can’t play wit’ these p+ssies, i’m keeping a brrr
can’t play wit’ these p+ssies, i’m keeping a gun
i ain’t even speak and she turning me up
she ain’t the heat but, she burning me up
i ain’t thanksgiving, she eating me up
off this x pill and it’s beating me up
got 20/20 and you ain’t seeing me, yeah
the track’ a 2022 and it’s up
put the percocet inside my drink and i’m stuck
shawty a ten, she not average wit’ it
lied to my gang ’cause i had these b+tches
i’m in this track’ doing madness wit’ it
in school, i was f+cking the fastest b+tches
i do what i want with the baddest b+tches
margiela’d her life, she went past these b+tches
walk out wit’ bags ’cause we having sh+t
if sh+t went left, i wouldn’t ask the b+tch
grabbing the d+mn fye out the truck
filling my lv wit’ bucks
i’m flying them out for them b+tts
and i’m grabbing the stick
thought about entering the draft, they taking me number+one pick
trackhawk brazy, doing madness
pass the lil p+ssy like madden
ricks hitting hard like math
everything exotic ’bout the b+tch i’m having
i was in the field every day like practice
we was outside when they was inside, having
how he gon’ rob me, that sh+t can’t happen
i ain’t no doc’ but, i’m whipping out plastic
p+ssy on ten, let the whole gang crack it
yeah, that p+ssy so high, she a dragon
made a hundred racks off rapping
whip a million out, cash, she like “how that happen?”
lift another b+tch up, be like “how that happen?”
her inside fried but, the outside passion
she got a widebody kit, bet’ not get that fractured
she sucking my d+ck, shawty do it with a passion, ugh
off+white timb’s, finna stomp ’em out
stomp on they ground, what they talking ’bout?
spinning the bend wit’ a hundred rounds
i smashed your lil b+tch, call me honey now
i don’t want the m, i want hundreds now
you don’t understand, let me dumb it down
yeah, ugh
i want a ‘rari, i don’t need sorry’s
i want the zip, you want some barti’s
i want your friends, you want a mari’
i want a b+tch, huh, huh, huh+ off my carti’s
up 50 pointers, i ain’t james harden
i’m up on that bread and they starving
the car start grilling when it started
the bro in that lamb, i’m carter
i’m drifting this b+tch like garvey
my bankroll is fatter than kirby
i’m painting it blue on the carpet
she swallow my d+ck and she gargling
she ask do i know her, i say hardly

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