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bloods & crips – steady dippin’ (skooma edit) lyrics


[intro: do or die aka a+love]
smooth, baby
steady dippin’
for the mothaf+ckin’ 9 three
but you don’t hear me though
straight everyday banging
slanging, you know what i mean?
that hoo+ride steady dippin’

[verse 1: do or die aka a+love]

back into my neighborhood, stop at daytime
get a bag of chips and a dollar wine
roll down greenleaf, make a left on caress
fire up the endo, can’t f+ck with the stress
hangin’ out with my n+ggas (fire up that bud, cuz)
sittin’ in my ‘4
with fingers on the trigger
always ready for some set trippin’
that’s why i’m dippin’ and dappin’, crippin’ and dippin’ never catch me slippin’
checkin’ out the b+tches (what’s up b+tch?)
raise up the phone
and f+ck with the switches
front back
and pause on threes
rag top four
sittin’ on them d’s
chеckin’ ass for the big booty one (d+mn, she got ass)
mackin to thе skunk and let her ride shotgun
roll by the park
and check the n+ggaros
straight+up crips and [?] g rolls (what’s up cuz?!)
can’t stop them n+ggas from hangin’ like nuts
even when one+time pulls up
one+time’ll get checked like a b+tch
white boys in his n+ggas’ cl!ck (b+tch!)
move on before you can’t pass
and before april 3rd come back to haunt your ass
you ain’t gon’ change a godd+mn thang
it’s plain and simple cause things don’t change
when you’re gone (sh+t ain’t changed cuz!)
we still be crippin’
and makin’ cash money
steady dippin’
[hook: dj quik]
the underground hit moving thangs!

[verse 2: miss c+note]
even boyz n tha hood with do or die
them crips is rollin’ deep and them slob n+ggas is drivin’ dead hyndias
that’s why i couldn’t be a snoop, i gots to have my 9
my bks an’ my m+th+f+ckin’ coupe
in my caddy hittin’ corners, hittin’ the switches, droppin’ quick ‘ru n+ggas on my tip
like a b+tch
6+0 rollin deep murderin’ them 20’s crenshaw mafia
i k!ll them good and plenty
c+note is the m+th+f+ckin’ g+b+tch
i got my grip tuck down in my cleavage
and if a n+gga wanna jack i got my steel dip gat
strap down, where the m+th+f+ckin’ p+ssy at
hit a ‘ru n+gga cause i gots somethin to prove?
take him to a motel and pull a m+th+f+ckin’ jack move
me become a slob oooh, never!
c’note a m+th+f+ckin’ crip forever..

[hook: dj quik]
the underground hit moving thangs!

[sin loc aka hittman d]
much crip love on a blue day like this
packin’ a .44, rollin a crip 6′
they call me sin loc
yes, the g that ain’t no joke
the mystery of mask
with the k!lla snoop rap flow
see a slob’s brain dread while i’m dippin’
and i’ma hit the fool up
with two c’s cause i’m steady crippin’
sin loc a mastermind of respect
so you don’t get it twisted
cause if you do stretch or get stretched
sin don’t teach no bustas how to g+ngb+ng fool
much crip love and we can’t stand die+’rus
now if it’s twisted then i twisted for your kid sake
see cause i’m real about mine that means i don’t fake
so put your dead rag back into your pocket fool
only thang you swingin’ on us nuts when i drop you
ain’t n0boby living like no dead rag busta
and when i’m steady dippin’, respect is from the shoulders
cause sin loc’ll peel any snoop at his own will
but it’s time for black folks to try to take a chill pill
and quit going against the grain on each other
cause worster than dread, i can’t stand to see a dead brother
so i ain’t trippin’ on them bustas if i catch ’em slippin’
i’m just gon’ keep mines up and just keep steady dippin’
[blue rag]
i’m dippin’ on the east side of the compton hub
for the neighborhood crip gang cuz i got much love
i’m givin’ it up to the rest of the crip gangs
steady crippin’ and puttin’ in work on them slobs maine
kelly park, atlantic drives and south sides
spook towns always down to hoo+ride
farm dog, nutty blocc and tragniew
it’s k!llin’ up them snoops like the vietnam gooks
lantana blocc, the swamps and original front
be hoo+ridin’ on slobs all through the month
ducky hood, palmer blocc and original pocket
be pluggin’ them off brands like a plug socket
park village, santana and mona park
the [?] in the way, puttin’ a slug in a snoop’s heart
and by the way, crippin’ don’t stop!
cause them front street crips in watts gots much props
jordan downs, thug town and p.j’s
two 1+11 n+hood is steady crippin’ on them avenues
main street, east coasts and rollin’ 60 n+hood
is always crippin’ and up to no d+mn good
two c’s up to l+b+c
school yard shotgun, and a+g+c
shouts out to them 9+7 kitchens
and the rest of the crip sets that i couldn’t mention
much crip love, blue rag’s outie and i’m steady dippin’