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blue holocaust – the tail of the scorpion lyrics


blazin death comes fast and furious
clad in black and armed with a razor
slitting her neck and stomach wide open
body slumping in geysers of blood

sadism and greed, blood thirty motives
deranged psyche, unstoppable k!ller
hiding in the shadows, awaiting to strike
consummed with wrath, outburst of violence

the tail of the scorpion
vehement k!lling spree

sysytematic elimination
eyeb-lls gouged out with a broken bottle
gobs of blood erupt from mangled tissues
chest stabbed, hands sliced and exposed throats cut

dispatching sores of shrieking victims
without feeling comp-ssion nor mercy
ruthless k!llings, blood-soaked inferno
eternal slaughter, never-ending madness

the tail of the scorpion
vehement k!lling spree