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bonecarver – the red wake lyrics


i’ll tell you the story of the one who fell in to darkness
the one that fought to come back from nowhere

lost in the middle of his existence
abstract surroundings
nothing makes sense
visions from the past and future colliding

his nails dug into the dark cold stone
step by step, crawling through a lifeless gray desert
a restless horizon
a dim infinite light
thirsty, hungry, with no hope, no way to die

in the void he found a tree
long, twisted and dry
from this tree he hangs himself to end his suffering

redеmption may be near
redеmption may be near

as he was hanging from a branch, he spat out some blood to the ground, causing a shoot of red fresh grass to grow
his energy returns, after understanding the world that surrounds him

dreams, maybe hope, a tear falls down his face
he’s in the dark, but now he thinks he’ll find a way out

something ties him to that place
a voice calls to him from within the tree
an eternal voice that consumes his mind
a struggle inside his head that prevents him from moving forward despite having found a silver lining

he must use all the strength he has left
if not, he might be in there forever
land of blood, only food for a cruel world
desert zone, forgotten by god
miracle tree, only remnant of hope
th+rned soul, empty body trying coming home