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boy grapes – portrait of daisies, pt. 2 lyrics


i painted this picture just for you
i dug in the ground and got dirt underneath my fingernails
i handpicked every last one and tied them up in plastic that crumples
when you grip it too hard
i can’t afford to give you roses so i found daisies
i didn’t go to the store or make the effort to work for somebody else
i worked for you

we can watch them slowly die together
we can look back at how things used to be
we can ignore every part of why things are how they are
we can feel the earth turn faster after each birthday
we can run through the front yard, once green and lush, now brown and scorched

you can ignore the why’s and look at the what’s
you think too much and too little

as the earth turns faster and faster

the flowers grew tired of sucking up water as you ignored them day by day
it’s an inconvenience
it’s nothing more than a paperweight
appreciation is all but lost, and replaced with artificial sentiment

and silently, the petals turn brown one by one