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brothers keeper – heart of the matter lyrics


counterfeit religion has been around for a while
mixing in the bad with the good, it causes lots of trials
but just like with diamonds, the fake will be unmasked
lord help us live our lives for something that will last

the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart
to save a world that’s dying it’s the only place to start
we can sway one’s opinion, turn their point of view
but only ’til the heart is changed can the old become the new

wherever you may go, wherever you may be
god is always watching, he sees the pharisees
i pray that he does surgery on my life and yours
transplant his heart of love replace this evil core


we can -n-lyze, second guess
argue who loves jesus best
but the only heart you can look into
is the one inside of you
but go ahead feel around
from your head to your feet
but when the song of god is sung
you’ll recognize the beat