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bryant eugene vazquez – city wide (on arrival) (version 1) lyrics


i’m all f-cked up
i’ve been too drunk
it’s been months since i’ve not felt well
and now i’m here and i’ve yet to sail
i’m all undone
i’m all undone
i haven’t slept
or at least i think
the hours p-ss and i still slip
the city, too, sleeps at night
the silence both dark and bright
so, wish me well
or bid farewell
took a train about three days long
all behind me
but i can’t tell
if my plans are real foolproof
i simply just packed and moved
the skyline is plain in sight
the weather is still and fine
my heart has filled up to the brim
my actions are brash and swift
reactions are all well hid
the sirens call out with fright
will i stand the test of time?
the sunsets i took in strides
people, the years i’ve tried