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buddy & julie miller – thoughts at 2am lyrics


[verse 1]
you render your oppressors silent with your wordless eyes
you own the life of every man from birth until he dies
you see collective evil sway like ships upon the sea
like currents carried ’round the world by men so mindlessly

your enemies, so fierce and cruel, one day will all bow down
and every tongue confess your name, compelled to make the sound

[verse 2]
people sell philosophies like confidence men
and so the blind lead on the blind into the ditch again
the powers of the darkness try to swallow up the truth
but in the end, they find their lying mouth just lost a tooth

the author of comp-ssion has our [pain?] beneath his [skin?]
and so the whole wide world upon his fingertip does spin

[verse 3]
i’ve [proved?] myself on purpose and i’ve been out on the run
i’ve painted myself pictures where i could hide from what i’ve done
but longingly the mighty one seeks me like a lost lamb
and tenderly he calls and says his child is who i am

awake my heart, awake my heart, atune to hear his word
inside the great cacophany a single voice is heard

[verse 4]
you say your sheep know your voice and they will follow you
and they will heed no other call besides the one that’s true
you watch as hearts grow harder and the lights of justice dim
you see your children suffering and want to [carry/care for?] them

the time is soon, yes soon the cursed snake will lose [?]
and god almighty’s bride will have her foot up on his neck