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burlya brazil – red eye guy lvl6 (freestyle) lyrics


[intro: burlya brazil]
i felt you
i felt you back then
now you’re somebody else
(not no more guy)
i didn’t recognize you, boy
i did not feel you like i used to
i didn’t want to touch your body

[verse 1: burlya brazil]
you tell me many things
many things, dude
tell me that you are number 6 in a life
next will be 7 and you will be a priest
(so are you proud of your behavior towards me?)
thinking that you are a good dude a really good dude

saying that you don’t be hurting people with intentions
to hurt them, to make them cry
but you see me
you look me in my face, you see me in my eyes, i’m crying dude
(my heart was open towards you baby)

[verse 2: burlya brazil]
you did this to me, because i asked you before i come
(i cared so much about you)
hey dude, what do you really want to do?
just doing s-xy stuff or to maybe be a friendship?
(i thought it but now i know)
you say a friendship
(now i know the truth about you)
that’s why i cry, that’s why i cry dude
(if i had known you better, i would never)

you tell me that we’re friends
you tell me that you care
you tell me that you’re happy that i am coming there

but you didn’t x2
care for me
so i, so i, so i say
i will go away, so far away
another day
don’t need you
i waste too much time on you

i look into your eyes i can see the red
i can see that there are satan live inside of you boy
i can tell that there is demon live inside of you
(your eyes are red)
it’s why you’re able to do things to animals, tests on people, you have no conscience
you are sociopath

but i x3
care for you and you knew it (you know it)
you knew it before i came

[verse 3: burlya brazil]
dude, if you were smarter then at least you would have tried to stimulate me
intellectually, emotionally
(i don’t, i don’t need you)
cuz how you expect me to doing s-x with you?
(i’m happy that i see this side of you)
when inside my heart it feels like a black stone
because you are the coldest winter i ever experienced in my whole life
(i got away as fast as i can)

i left the summer
i left the summer in my hemisphere for you
you’re frosty, it’s cold boy, your heart is frozen

[outro: burlya brazil]
you waste my time, you waste my money
you waste my heart, my friendship