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busta rhymes – no love (remix) lyrics


first i, stop it, then i drop it, then i c-ck another heater pop another leader
from another clique that thought he was a creature, that could never never
ever ever ever ever get his sh-t popped off get his block knocked off
when a n-gga come and when a n-gga front gotta give it to em good
give a n-gga what he want, and if a n-gga act up shoot em in the hand
in the face, in the stomach in the foot, or the heart (love)
you don’t want it homie you don’t wanna start
especially when a motherf-cker see the gun fire spark
-you don’t want no problems-
when i got the gun up in your mouth, i make a n-gga gun talk
bus rhymes reek
i’mma hit em in the front homie hit em in the back
keep on hittin that n-gga in the chest cavity
till that motherf-cker lay down flat
–freeze motherf-cker look–
trust me i’mma make a n-gga sit still
anytime i gotta defend the food n-gga
it don’t matter what it is homie i will
beat a n-gga till your brother can’t figure it out
or i-dentify the mother f-cker on the real
word on everything a n-gga really love
it don’t matter who it is homie i k!ll
but now i’m finally waking up outta the dream
and i realize that life is so beautiful
and i ain’t gotta put my hand on a n-gga
unless its definitely necessary otherwise it’s unsuitable
going through a lot of different little things
that make a n-gga wanna go and wanna get in
when i bring couple goons, that can handle couple situations
and i let ’em eliminate all the bullsh-t so i can sing
run though every city, run though every state
though we get a lot of love i love to get a lot of hate
though the ones who will try to hate will start to love
cause it’s undeniable that everything i do is great
even when i do it wrong i’mma share it in a song
and i question is it worth it in the end all along
i guess i gotta die first return reincarnated
just to really witness it in another form
but until that time i’ll embellish it and shine
while i set in wit’ the grind
give me credit when it’s mine boy i dead it like a nine millimeter
see the sign and the heater that i’m givin all my people get in line now
yeah, for the ones that hate or try to stop my growth in the light from above
when i fight i hold a grudge it’s a kanye shrug
see the way i make ’em bug motherf-cker don’t no love