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c-swift – line em up lyrics


[verse 1: c-swift]
damaging the track, i’m derailed; tried holding me back but he failed
i be well, just emailed, my note to the game, we rebelled
c-swift and choppa clique, add it up… these three cs k!ll it easy till we be the
face of cds, on the tv, different species, come and see me (ha!)

see my emblem as i’m endin’ em, rise to the sky, this is no pretendin’ i’m
slowly bendin’ em, then i hit em with the rhythm back and forth like a deadly pendulum
oh no, when the flow go loco, leave your verse stone dead like a dodo
never ever come back with that so-so, spitting bars that wack is a no-go

see me i, be wild, stayed sick since six with that vi
like a video, got so many d-mn plays i think i might need a rewind
like bring that back, cause when she dance to the beat i just can’t hear it
maybe i’ve had too much to drink, but i think i’m in love with her spirits

i order another round as that sound plays in my head again
then i lay my lines till the music dies, and the pencil’s out of lead again
i’m heading in the right line, it’s nighttime for the competition
you can write rhymes, or try to bite mine, so far from sick, i call that remission