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caden of california – up lyrics



(intro chorus)

ugh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
doing stupid shit x3
doing stupid shit
yeah i’m doing stupid shit
dumb shit dumb shit
doing stupid shit


good d-mn man i’m feeling so good
god d-mn man i’m feeling so fine
god d-mn man i’m feeling so good ugh
have a hell of a time yeah

get up off your feet uh
get up off of that thang aye
get up off of your -ss uh
come on girl lemme see you dance aye

i wanna see you move
i wanna see you jump
i wanna see you groove
i wanna see you up
i wanna feel you up aye

come on p-ss the blunt aye
imma have to roll another up aye
imma have to show my city what’s good
imma have to show my city what’s up yeah

it’s the 760
i’m always reppin sd
feelin up and i’m feelin sexy x2
even got a little dmt
in my gmc
i need some thc
and some cbd
and some mushrooms b-tch
(that shit lit)
doin stupid shit

aye oh aye
doing stupid shit x4


so crazy god d-mn yeah
got me feeling like the man ugh
doin’ what i gotta do yeah
i know you gotta do it too ugh
i just move
and i just groove
and i just do
what i like to
so why don’t you uh
i just roll up a doobie or two
yeah and watch a movie or two

in my room, just watch
while she get me off
and she lick my d-ck
open up her brah
put the movie on pause
now she move to my b-lls
im a mothaf-cking g.o.d
a mothaf-cking god

man i rip this shit
i hit his shit
gotta get a sack and flip that shit
imma get a b-tch and shit
she gonna grip on my d-ck on my shit
god d-mn get a dime

do it all the time like it’s nothing
see me on the stage and i’m stuntin’
all the f-cking women they be loving
all the f-cking women they be loving uh

oh d-mn this that funk
not boom bap
who dat
cool cat
with the cool beat and cool raps
if you ain’t up that’s too bad
if you in the crowd
then move up don’t move back

i know you like to watch the way i do that
i’m feelin up
i’m tryna groove yeah x2

i gotta watch what i eat aye
you gotta whatchu what you say aye
when you be talking to me uh
best get the f-ck out my way

aye oh aye
doing stupid shit x4


doin stupid shit x4

go from down to up or something like that
no it makes sense dude because like
if you’re really negative about something
like you totally were doing it like ugh dude i can even f-cking do this
i’m like dude like what the f-ck dude
just go up don’t go down