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cyanide and silicone – boi lyrics


[verse 1: dale nasty]
it’s your boi, d-nasty on a track
let me take your money back
and kicking it like a panic attack
and we kicking the cat
running it back, slapping an -ss
gifting the gav, and sipping the jack
we taking it back, ripping it up with this retro slag
flipping, and tripping, and ripping and shaking
the suckers who wanted to front
and get down, and get around
to the beat we rockin’ and we don’t stop rockin’
’til the party starts sloppin’
and we don’t quit ’til we topping
so get up, to the sounds of us ripping your -sses up
picking your gl-sses up, slow as mol-sses yup
you f-cking b-tch boi tell your momma to pick up the phone
it’s cyanide, and sideshow, silicone
we running this shit, we k!lling this shit
we slapping ya tits, we f-cking ya b-tch
we swerve in the ditch, we owning the sitch
we making a wish and we dropping the lists

[interlude: sideshow the king]
i’m gonna sit back from the microphone on this one

[verse 2: sideshow the king]
your mom was wrong for raising a bunch of f-ck-boi’s
beat their f-cking teeth in ’cause obviously she raised shit
take this tip you f-cking dip shit
i’m smoking poison ivy in the bottom of the abyss
check it, everybody knows this boi like a dope meme
boi crack c-ke fiend, c-ke rock charlie sheen
running with this burner, motherf-cker sipping caffeine
fire call me ‘fluorine’, sick, ya boi quarantined
i am the god, the legend, the one
the b-tches always f-ck for fun
out run, i’m the rays of the sun
you can’t make fun ’cause ya boi is a1
try to name my flaws, i bet you can’t name one
sideshow got the news to make your heart race
flow so hot when i f-ck ’em by the fireplace
tied like a shoelace, twin best-friend that’s biface
special ed is your new database
i won’t lie, d-ck out for harambe
ybd got the jewish for the court case
sideshow showcase, no tv at my place
that’s why i always f-ck ’em on the first date

[sample] x2
f-cking with my d-ck, boi, boi boi boi boi (x3)
f-cking with my d-ck, ’cause i ain’t a boi

f-ck yeah! that was f-cking fire dude