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cadet – you need to hear this lyrics


[verse 1: cadet]
uh, ‘aight let me explain
me? i was the guy that everybody liked
i would go to school in my avex, fake prada’s
and a pair of cortez nikes
natural charmer, life would come with ease, a breeze – especially for me
teacher predicted all b’s and c’s
somehow i left with all d’s and e’s
but i made it to college, and somehow i made it to uni
but that’s when the shit got reckless
you know awake in the rave, but asleep in lectures
and then my friends moved-in to a house called music
i followed soon, and then i moved in
the only rent was consistency
and that – i couldn’t stay true with
and i’ve been kicked out and homeless ever since
thought this? nah man i would never think
but it ain’t nuttin’ but the odd person help me out
who would give me a little food or a drink
joey, he gave me the bars that i needed
zach, he gave me the fire that i breathe with
jamal, you gave me something to believe in
and really, that’s the only shit that i needed
so wait, wait, wait, wait
how the f-ck was i living like that!?
me? i’d never been homeless or in uni
it was a metaphor, but i been feelin’ like that
see jamal, was the guy that gave me a change
warm up session, he feel it like that
and the one thing i’ve learnt about this music in a couple weeks..
is anything you put in it, it will give it right back
see me.. i never made it f’in with the music
that’s why a nigga feel stupid
i’d turn one way, and life would turn another
shit, my shit’s been rubix
i’m a go mad if i keep on watching everybody’s movements
comparing how they do shit
cause dun’know i flop
and be that guy who’s actually hard.. but musically useless
so now i’m like, “f-ck” … “shit”
now i can see, why i ain’t got nowhere…
cause yeah i be talkin’ bout music
but my work rate shows that i’ve got no care
but shit’s gonna change, mark my words
i can no longer say.. that life ain’t fair
get a beat, my pain and we’ll off-load there
get it by the boat-load like a coscos there
so yeah
you know what people say at the end of the year
like ‘this year’s my year’
well today is my today..
and tomorrow is my tomorrow..
and i’m here for the good..
let me make shit clear see
i ain’t trying to be the only nigga from the ends that ain’t bussin’
motherf-cker i see everybody bussin’
krept, konan, bonkaz, stormz, they be bussin’
everybody bussin’ but me see
wallahi, i prayed for them
they deserve it, because they work hard
how i, would wait for a bringing out
i realized the only nigga that could bring it is i
it’s cool see me, i’m a boss i could dream too
telling big channels ‘i don’t need you’
so wait, i gotta pay you to show me love?
but you upload a shit mc with a buzz?!
me, i been so hungry that i ate through the bone
put a video out, and i would wait by the phone
but no, nigga i’m grown
if i get that phone call, i gotta bring my plate to the throne
i’m cadet (cadet!)
yeah, and now i’m in my zone
spit a couple lyrics, and you know we’re shelling down the show
see i would wait for a bring in
but no… see i gotta carry my weight on my own
so now they lookin’ at me like a nigga buggin’
like i ain’t sick, and i ain’t nothing
i say who i am and they chat to me like rosie
“are you gonna go get your cousin?”
nah, it’s my time and i’m’a shine through
wait for a cosign, i don’t have time to
die for my cuz, i won’t think twice to
don’t know who i am? let me remind you
“if i shoot you in your knees your knees are gone
this ain’t eastenders denise won’t come back’
r1, r2, l1, l2, x, left, down, right, up and get your health back
listen, to the shotgun we’re lifting and have him back-flippin!
and who? who am i?
cadet, cadet!
my niggas run up on city!” – i’m that guy