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cameron johnson – music is life lyrics


music is life

verse 1
my p-ssion for music grows like fire
when i get more tries it gets higher & higher
shines brighter than the stars
it’s going farther than mars
i try to live it up everyday
so i know things will go my way
people tell me that i’m not going make it
just stay away from me i’ll appreciate this
just let me live music to the fullest (x2)
it be true of you not to be the cruelest (x2)
music drives me crazy (x2)
turn up that beat even if you’re feelin’ lazy
may not be known (x2)
but my p-ssion for music will [let me be shown] (x2)
verse 2
i’mma show y’ll that i have potential
never give up so i can be successful
music is gonna show me the way
the way i lay it down so put it on replay
don’t be hatin’ just appreciate it
can’t put me down cause y’ll motivate this
they can’t ever tell me music isn’t mine
well just watch when i let my p-ssion shine
i’mma prove that i got the power
digging in the deep and blossom like a flower

i know that i will try to do my best
can’t put this on rest
don’t let me be deferred
just let me be heard
this is my life i’m living it right
everyday trynna get up and fight
music means everything to me
so i’m going show the world that my talents are unique