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channelyellow – rip jay dayer lyrics


[verse 1]
young toronto, drake city, told flex drop a bomb, push the b-tton
you ain’t drake, ain’t meek mill, not even a poverty budden
run through the streets of your city and you not even buzzing
diss the chef, step in the ring and hope your monotony doesn’t
young chef bring the heat and i be g-ssing em up
young toronto drop his song and i be p-ssing it up
he average as f-ck, shame in his face but he masking it up
my foundation is my artistry i’m just rapping it up
bring the doom put it in all caps
he know the storm is coming the streets my almanac
hit up bae’s line and she ain’t calling back
cause your girl see me she want all of that
see cause i don’t even need to rap first
i be k!lling jay on my first rap
everybody see you dead like a gl-ss he-rs-
you better pray to god that this my last verse

[verse 2]
second verse without a hook man i’m a go getter
never heard sh-t like this before, i’m a flow setter
ask your girl where she been last night i’m a hoe getter
taking shots with your corny squad, my bros better
i’m talking gabbles, allcaps, scopey, chef
shoutout to dj khaled man he know that we the best
i got the keys to the city, you ain’t got a future
check your facts when you diss cause i ain’t call you a truther
this beef got real now i quit all the kidding and joshing
take a trip to your crib, me and the crew moshing
you up in canada eh, taking guesses bout who’s knocking
bring the heat in the north and all the moose flocking
think you got better lines, go ahead and try me
diss chef and get bodybagged no code of hammurabi
wonder where your girls at, take a guess where i be
going ape sh-t till i die, rest in piece harambe