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charlie angel – how you did that (remix) lyrics


[verse 1]
this is all there it started
separate the real from the f+ckin cold hearted
i just play the game, do my thang like james harden
on the airways, talkin sh+t, like ebro darden
19 years in the making, always wanted stardom
here she is, workin hard, she don’t speak so pardon
only wanna feed the streets
they wanna put me onna carton
on the net just tryna find some beats, hope this one gone charge it

[verse 2]
taking charge, all the dreams
all the awkward falls
pushin p, what i wanna be
bеating all the odds
selfish thing cuz they starvin mе
got no one to call
for the nights that i bawled, they just wanna watch me ball
too many depend on me, i’m too f+ckin drained
man i don’t have all the energy
i’m goin insane
wanna paint an ugly pic of me
lemme get the frame
it ain’t the same, ain’t no using me
i don’t feel no shame
i’m da goat so they always put the blame on me
y’all doin too much, all the talk save the energy
when i tell the truth, then y’all mad, you ain’t feelin me
everybody grown but escapes accountability
keep pushin my b+ttons, all you people, y’all just k!llin me
drillin me to death with your lack of stability
street fighter vibes cuz everybody wanna finish me
pinnin me, too high of a stressor
all the pressure, ain’t no seein me
too many opinions, but no experience being me
[verse 3]
please believe
if i could escape, then i’d put my life on dnd
all you n+ggas fake, sell a story like it’s tmz
bet for your entertainment, i’m just tryna eat
ebt, wish i had it all cuz i’m kinda beat
gonna put it all out there, cuz a new person i’m tryna be
growth is hard, cuz they holding on to the broken me
keep it free, i stay independent so n0body say they made me
97’ but my pockets finna be about a 100 deep
if you put your trust in me, you’ll go far, you’re gonna see
i’m about action, that’s the reason that i barely speak
follow the leader so you better keep your eye on me
fake friends and cousins, wanna spy on me
cappin bout what i do, sick and tired of you tryin me
suffocatin my soul, gotta go so that i can breathe
24 years old, i got time before my 600 gs
get the bread and the piece of pie
tryna make me proud, that’s no lie
forget about the days that we barely could survive
wanna make the trade for more smiles and no tears left to cry
if i don’t make it, then my vision’s gonna die

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