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charmingly ghetto – 2 the essence lyrics


thank you, thank you
i go by the name of charmingly ghetto
i got my home girl hip hop on the vocals
give her a round of applause for coming out tonight ladies and gentlemen
it took a lot for me to get her here
so beautiful baby

(verse 1)
yo, as i ascend from the clouds and embrace the abyss
charmingly ghetto’s like magic with a flick of the wrist
make your dreams come true, your life evolve
feeling 38 special d-mn, quite revolved
if the mic ain’t nice don’t need the mic at all
i just stand on top of my soap box and smite them all
keep the tip of my katana sharp like a piranha’s
teeth of beast who happened to hail from the east
from the streets we don’t glorify the problem’s we face
only jake’s catch a case cause they stay in your face
more money, more problems n-gg-, puffy and mase
a b.i.g. bad boy guided by his love for the faith
keep the mysticism flowing because they wondering how
ha! the flows survive the apocalypse
the last of the profits kid
came quick to get the math (and what?!) and the motherf-cking profits kid!

(hook) x2
now put your hands in the air if you f-ck with this
it’s just hip hop i know i f-cked you up with it
probably expecting some dance moves and auto tune
now we spitting rhymes, and they absorbing you

(verse 2: colo)
yo son we wrote the bible
sharpened our swords and carved bullets
answer the call to stand tall cause y’all couldn’t
word to god, who told y’all the world was yours?
the crash hard with fast wh-r-s with fast hearts?
suiciding, my thoughts are do or dying
cause of death anything but the lack of trying
the guard body (?)
every time, soon as they speak i see garvey
fat line is fine, long as i stay black
weak hearts wondering “why would you say that?”
my life consist of, we reminisce huh
light spliffs for soldiers we really miss huh
let the one who got his own keep it that way
let the ghetto see the god before the last day
and when the well finally falls in the fast way
do remember son, peace as you p-ss me

(hook) 2x

(outro: malcolm x)
i’m the only one on my job
i’m the only one in this school, you nothing but a house negro
and if someone come to you and say “let’s separate”
you’ll say the same thing the house negro said on the plantation
“what do you mean separate? from america? this good white man? where are you gonna get a better job than you get here?
i mean look at what you’ve seen, i ain’t left nothing in africa that’s what you’ve seen. why, you left your mind in africa.”