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cheesestick – hard work (ft. shawn hook) lyrics


we put the work in it yeah… (x2)

[verse 1: shawn hook]
we put the work in it (x2)
if we start you know we finish
taking risks like we open up a business
setting records on the mic man i’m boutta hit up guinness
history in the making you gon witness
i’ll be running from these groupies you can call that daily fitness
raps is my medicine but somehow is my sickness
treat it like my kid cuz it is hard to be so distant
hadda bring it back like james
back against the wall bring it back three games
starin in the mirror who have i became
looking at these people they don’t act the same
once you make commas they wanna start drama
dreams of a rari but whippin a honda
smoke marijuana to feel like nirvana
escape from reality and all of the truama
my competition i’ve already p-ssed
never looking back that shit is all in the past

we put the hard work in it (x2)
can’t take second place we gonna win it
people asking who’s the shit we just claimin that we been it

we put the hard work in it (x2)
haven’t sat back and relaxed for a minute
but these long nights will be worth it when we win it

[verse 2: cheesestick]
put the hard work in it and it’s just about the business
call my music presents and it’s looking like it’s christmas
now i’m rapping up my art, rebel like the joan of arc
counting money up it got me feeling like i’m tony stark
i’m marvelous
i’m smart got the competence
make moves got the confidence
and i work to get accomplishments
haters keep on jocking me
b-tches keep on flocking me
can you tell me what you want and how you want me all to be?
i can believe that shit cuz i will never be a sell out
you goin see me grinding harder even when my venues sellout
we the shit man that’s a hands down
f-ck her once ain’t no romance
working harder like a man now
gonna eat and this my chance now
i’m stacking
i’m stacking
i’m stacking theses bands
putting in work and get bread wit my friends
im telling you once and not asking again
get outta my face if you ain’t part of the plan
f-cking with me and i call up my mans
working all night but it’s not with my hands
quit all the stress or i’ll need me some xans

we put the hard work in it
balling out like kfc cuz you know we getting chicken
cheesestick got the smoothest flows but still creating friction
rapping’s not a hobby more of an addiction, but yea you know