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chet wunda – matching wounds lyrics


verse 1:

man it’s all good
grippin wheel and its all wood
late nites in the city, got me feeling like a boss should
i don’t need ya, i don’t miss ya
them lips venom, wouldn’t kiss ya
toss and turn in my sleep, memories of us mobbin kept me up at night
kept me up until the flight
kept me up like the excitement
get left behind, i’m too righteous
fall thru to the bottom of the barrel, hoodied up on that fall apparel
bow down to a young g, that’s all he gave u girl?
u were better off with me
i’m on now
this is my time
gas on the pedal thru the stop sign
if it ain’t real love u can keep all that
but that mainframe baby lemme peep all that

(chorus): see if we got matching wounds x 4

verse 2:

it’s like i never left
came back didn’t miss a step
that’s real, now tell me how u feel
u ain’t wanna hold it down, now u see im poppin now u wanna come around
before u were givin me the run around
now you wanna get down babay
lil bit of c-ke with the crown babay
bet u givin that pussy to another n-gg- when i’m not around baybay
that’s cool i didn’t claim that shit
often reminise when i be bunnin where raindrops is
never let the pain start kids
gotta slow down, gotta pace myself
in a race with myself, its like i’m facing myself
u ain’t movin right, u be erasing yaself


verse 3:

what if i told u sum (somethin), i didn’t notice nun (nothin)
walk around, hold this rum
have a great convo, then pour this rum
goin hard always thinkin there’s more to sum
increase amount, more than sum
the jokers out, u still get trumped
apologize, still get dumped
don’t quote my shit, you get more than punched
ha ha, winning gimme high five
pat my own back, rap my own raps
he ain’t do it like me, dont compare me to that cat
i’ma lion u lyin’, ‘you firin at all cylinders’
came up vaughan side, stand right in the city there
f-ck n-gg-s been afraid, wunda a renegade, pull up do what i wanna do then i gotta skate
i say my mind runs miles a day
i say every day is a different day
i’m hanging out the window wilin
u should be silent
piff is too loud can’t hear you anyway