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chris stamey – late for the party (feat. brett harris & jason foureman) lyrics


i got there late for the party
nothing going on
so late for the party
everyone was gone
but up on the bandstand
they had one more song
and so i made a request
for something sad and blue
i danced by myself
and did the old soft shoe
then when they were done
i begged “one more”?
and i dreamed i held you tight
as we danced all through the night
but i was late for the party
and you
and now it seems
that we’re always passing in the dark
like strangers we meet by chance
and then we part
i thought that i saw you there
along the road
i waved and you laughed at someone in the car
the light turned to green
and then we pulled apart
are we meant to be a story never told?
now i dream i hold you tight
with my eyes closed in the night
but i was too late for the party
and you