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chris webby – monster lyrics


(feat. apathy)

[intro: apathy]
it’s to the point where i don’t even wanna close my eyes anymore
i black out and wake up with blood on me and sh-t
everything feels like a f-cking nightmare
and i feel paranoid like everybody’s f-cking with me
so, i just attack everything, all the time
you hear people say that they hear voices inside of their head, telling them to do sh-t?
i think i am that voice that they hear…

[hook: repeat x2]
fear what they don’t understand, became a monster (yeah!)
what they do is can’t…conquer (webby!)
monster…i was destined to come (uhh)
became a monster…second to none

[verse 1: chris webby]
i got more wordplay than a chess set on top of a thesaurus
more trees than a forest, i roll it up and torch it
brain is so contorted, that i need to be deported
to the nearest insane asylum when i wake up in the morning
it’s the dawn of the dead, call up the feds, better warn ’em
webby’s on the motherf-cking loose, take caution
so, why you startin’ me?
the f-cking lincoln memorial ain’t even as hard as me
and the dudes that i brought with me
and my temper be quicker than jimmy darmody
with half a pharmacy flowing through each one of my arteries
me and ap, that connecticut rap
you’ll be lucky if you leavin’ and your head is attached
murder beats, so i hope your instrumental is strapped
cause if it’s not, it’ll gets its f-ckin’ skeleton cracked
all that, b-tch i go keenan & kel on a track
so, you can picture me on top and then develop the facts (ha!)

[hook: repeat x2]

[verse 2: apathy]
i got raps ricocheting in my brain like a pinball
the force from the impact, they pack could spin y’all
in circles in the air with the slow-mo pose
ap’s known to sn-tch souls like wizards and crows
f-ck b-tches and hoes, y’all are midgets and trolls
i see visions like prophecies written in scrolls
your whole sh-t is exposed, due a bid to my foes
so switch roles, flee prison in the visitor’s clothes
escape artist, the rawest, my mixtape’s the hardest
i harness the power of hollow-points in a cartridge
cartin’ off body parts in a wal-mart cart
the werewolf after dark. half-man, half-shark
i’m sharp as a box cutter, better start flinchin’
put spikes through your head until you look like bart simpson
no concealed weapon, let these motherf-ckas know the deal
ap stands large, wrecking cities like cloverfield
a monster

[hook: repeat x2]

[verse 3: chris webby]
(yeah!) (uhh)
rippin’ mics, spittin’ nice
i’m a monster, came from a vision of enterprise
i’m just living life, grab a knife, start committing seppuku
clever view of my language, now i’m making revenue
i was bred to hunt like an irish setter do
so, if you think you’re ahead then i’mma sever you
a lot of the hills in front of me, so i’mma pedal through
until i’m in your tv, like the letter u
alphabetical menace, when i get in a sentence
so, if you step you’ll be the next to regret it
punch-line killa, leave you shredded like lettuce
then i’ll dip with your chick and get her wetted in venice
ct’s on lock, try and break this flow
2-0-3’s mine, ap’s got the 8-6-0
now, connecticut’s together like never before
we got the guillotine ready, leave your head on the floor (b-tch!)

[hook: repeat x2]