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chrissy stayhigh – sosa clock lyrics


i heard it’s up b-tch and so am i
i’m rey show em how sosa clock
chrissy stayhigh, i smoke dope a lot
is i’m getting money? ain’t hoes a thot?
don’t pour no more lean in my soda pop
free all my troops, got my soldiers locked
you got beef with ya self, ion own a opp
no cut, like the pot when the stove is hot
throw a match in my gas
and i’ll blow the top
if you matching the gas, then bring 4 or 5
i go hard as a d-ck in the morning time
fate baby sh-t can’t ignore the signs
i booked me a n-gga with gorgeous eyes
he said he wan show me it’s more to life
but i just want his head
like the quarter side
i might make it rain like when water fly
big drip sosafina the water slide
i heard chrissy stayhigh
like the jordan sign
don’t watch what i’m doing, i’m doing fine
if these b-tches ya sons
you my daughter slime
i beat the beat up, call it torture time
then i go m.i.a like the florida kind
time to vacate the premiss
they snorting lines
cause i only brought loud
but i’m sorta shy
and i mind my own business, no fortune 5
7gang sh-t, that’s 2 more than 5
but i ain’t in no gang, can’t afford to die
don’t know why the streets is so glorified
free the innocent black folks
that’s doing time, f-ck the government
and how it’s organized
rey burn me some trees, it’s a forest fire
once i put it on wax, i’m immortalized

you know how i’m clockin
you now i’m rockin’
these n-ggas huh? these n-ggas what?
these n-ggas not sl!ck
said you see that i’m popping
i can tell how you foxing
i got the keys like a locksmith
the whip like a pic, they wan hop in
i got the hits like a mosh pit
and that’s why they ride d-ck
these b-tches uhh.. these b-tches mmm..
these b-tches not it
i’m writing raps till i pop pens
i only pop out if it’s profit
i’m way too cool for the hot sh-t
but you know i’m a hot b-tch
i got gwala, i got gwap, and i got bands
trapping my cds, hitting out the hand
police p-ssing, peeking
think i’m selling drugs, i am
cause every track that smack
cds gone spin just like a fan
fate baby till i’m dead
i never even had a plan
peso pacing, profit chasing
pops i finally understand
get it, stack it, save it, stash it
strictly for the fam
and free all of my n-ggas
that’s still sitting in that jam
i pray they change they mindset
come home and touch 50 grand
i pray they stay low-key
duck off, and stay up off the gram
people probably praying on ya
but not for ya, issa scam
probably pocket plotting
watch em, don’t give them a chance

but you know what’s up woe, and so do i
ain’t no hoox needed, how sosa clock
said you getting money? b-tch no you not
big pup sosafina, rey open shop
big puffs of the green
make my shoulders drops
and i’m not tryna hide it
they know i’m high
why you watching the speakers?
they sposed to knock
most these rappers be fake
don’t get sold a lie
think it’s cool to be snakes, till a cobra die
and i don’t promote violence
you know the vibe
but yo somebody gone have to vocalize
cause i still can’t believe
my lor bro was shot
r.i.p cody co, but ya soul survived
rest in peace cash, dummy hold my spot
i’ma meet you in heaven
don’t know the time
but i been seeing 7 with open eyes

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