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christa hase – seasonal strangers lyrics


every goal
every dream that came true
i did it all, thinking about
what my life would be with you
a home with beachside view
just as you desired
but now it seems
our dream has expired

you come back every year
hypnotic melody
the solace in your arms
feels like destiny
but as the seasons change
and you bid farewell
your absence hurts like h+ll

the summer fade
and days grow cold
the truth i face, the story unfolds
it hurts like the first time you left
your flight awaits
your departure’s near
we are both too obstinate
it’s crystal clear

as the hours slip away like sand
let me hold your hand
no matter where we are
we always find our way back

in this world of uncertainty
you are the constant that defines me
and though time has passed us by
i still believe in you and i

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