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chyde – i can’t help lyrics


verse 1:
i love to say i’m falling for you hopelessly
to lay and tell you, you mean the most to me
i love the way you smell when you’re close to me
i was in flames of h-ll then, heaven opened up for me

with my arm around you… your leg over me
no harm surrounds you, cuz i got you, so hold onto me
and i won’t let you go, i love the way you blush
as i’m touch your skin and reach the depth of your soul

love to hear you say you feel you’re not alone
and that you finally feel you found somewhere that feels like home
that you are down for real, i see it everytime i go
look down then in my eyes, when i’m about to close the door

push it open again, you want another kiss
don’t get far before you call me saying you that you miss me
i’ll be back in a minute
you wish i was in your life long ago, but baby now i’m it

wise men say, only fools rush in
i can’t help falling in love with you…

verse 2:
…i love the way you know me like n0body knows me
the way you show me things about me that n0body notice
the way you turn around just to hold me while in bed
how could i be lonely, with you inside my head?

we see where time has led, yet i forget it
when we spend it together, it’s like it has no end
i love your little hand in mine when we out in public
i’m the man in your life… and you f-cking love it

i love the way you throw your hair when you ride me
the way you hold the air, moaning loudly, ‘c-m inside me’
i love the way it’s more than s-x… the sound of ya high
the way you text me saying you feel me pouring down ya thighs

…so i’m with you in your day, in many ways
i’m filling you up, fulfilling you, u feelin’ me babe?
you giving it up, give in with love, i’m getting it up
not giving a f-ck about anything but to keep you safe

wise men say, only fools rush in
i can’t help falling in love with you…