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clark savant – jet plane lyrics


(if i can get copyright release and doc-mentation to cover this hook – currently make no revenue from the track)

[hook – if approved]
i’m leaving on a jet plane, i don’t know when i’ll be back again
kiss me and smile for me and, tell me that you’ll be there for me
hold me like you never let me go-o (2x)

[verse 1]
hold me tight baby-girl, never let me go
what this world got for us, we will never know
but as long as we got each other, we will always grow
let our love clear the path, whether(weather) sun, sleet, or snow
hold me tight like your first mug
first kiss, first hug
she working hard, doing her best
tryna be my first love
and that’s a goal she might reach
attractive like a bright beach
love was a puzzle
but i think i found the right piece
my life, it became so much brighter
the weight on my back, it became so much lighter
any danger i protect her
i’m her knight or friar
she safe in my arms, baby i’m your fire fighter
grab me round the shoulders
yeah you know i like it
squeeze me nice and tight
baby you’ve become my vice grip
and i cannot deny it
nor find a way to define it
her loves like gravity
cause you can’t defy it

[hook – if approved]

[verse 2]
you can be my boni, i can be your clyde see
got hurry up, i’m not tryna miss the flight “b”
switching hemipheres, a brother call it “time freeze”
the time we depart, the same time we arriving
different continents, all new exposures
ethnic backgrounds, many different cultures
you want it, then imma get it
we can take a euro-trip
gucci, louie, hunny like “you a trip” (he he)
call me vacation, europe, philippines, to the asian nations
talking about russia to syberia
hit up africa, shout out to nigeria
headed worldwide, ‘fore we can call it done
looking back on it, d-mn a brother had fun
even better that i had someone to share it with
ain’t about the money, but who you share it with

[hook – if approved]

[verse 3]
uh, baby girl hold me tight
yeah, be a part of my life
bring a couple of them things if you stay the night
we got no more “left”, unless you wanna do it “right” (right?)
but you know i mean wrong
if you do that, you better have a “c” on
i’m a “king” on the beat, shorty be “kong”
“do the right thing” i got my spike lee’s on
on-as i sit in first cl-ss
if you ain’t number 1, you might as well be last
breaking world records, record book needs a cast
lifes a short trip, enjoy it while it last
enjoy it, while it last
you see me, i be going fast
i be going hard, be-cause-i’m-lea-ving
i’m leavinnnnng, i’m leavinnnnng, i’m leavinnnnng
i, i, i, i, i’m leavinnnnng, i’m leavinnnnng, i’m leavinnnnng
i, i, i, i, i’m leavinnnnng