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clutch. x gambit – perspective lyrics


life’s a tragedy
you’re trapped inside the fabrics of society
imagine what your life would be if you could get inspired, see?
cause you can turn a stone or drop the ball
but you can never have it all, that’s a man’s greatest fallacy

but i’ma work until my hands are callousing
to make my parents proud of me and land ’em in a palace, see?
meditating every day ’till i’m levitating up out of me
and flying through the astral tryna travel the galaxy

every day’s another step, my improvement will come gradually
and while patience is a virtue, i’m virtually in agony
prisoners to physical limitations, since we’re living basic
and giving faith to the statements we spend our lives establishing

trapped inside of a collective reality
where respect and status are less a reflection of how you be as a person
and more a measure of level of worth through your salary

f-ck your version of how to prosper
when nothing’s proper, it’s all subjective, each perspective can teach a lesson
whether you keep the peace or believe in complete aggression
we all looking for release, but i digress and
couldn’t care less about a first impression
i was born on mother earth crying

but gaia knows that now’s a gift, that’s why it’s called the present
and after all i guess we all pursue the future
unaware the truth to suit ya’s that the moment’s what we call a blessing
so why you all been stressing?
reality has an elaborate–ss playing field
made to trick you into believing that the game that you’re playing’s real
sure you can say you feel pain but maybe the pain you feel
is merely a data stream, and we’re gears on a rotating wheel

or maybe every moment holds atonement through our thoughts unspoken
since our souls are really the only ones we hear
although exposed to the unknown can so develop fear
it is when we’re alone that we exert our least embellished cheer
so suppose that god has given shamanism to the proper living
so that i can sin and wave a lot of linen
bleached from my heart within it
surrendering as the embers from my spark diminish
so when my life is gone, will my soul go with it?
cause your sight of right and wrong changes every day you growing older than it

so just know your limit
when fighting along and hope you’re winning
yo the only victor didn’t fight at all
i suppose you could solely fix on the past, hoping to go relive it
never knowing if you were alive at all

and if i make it to the gates then i’d still be so complacent
you seeing me praying not to survive the fall

they say that h-ll is hot, i maintain the place is freezing
there remains a sp-ce for h-llishness inside us all
it may be through the way we dismay our relationship
to the place that we live and basically take our anger out on ourselves
or it’s a metaphor for those that are dead at war
that, or there’s an actual, literal, physical, honest h-ll

well, that’s a thought that i find unruly
but just because you think it doesn’t make it true
and some days the sun rays graze through the clouds
as if something is being pointed out

point it out

in some ways i’m ashamed of lost gains
like ocean see the rain in a drain floating down
so when it’s all said and done i’ll have more to say
but they’ll just store away every story saved
i bet they think that we’re running out
but running just gets in shape
helps adjust the pace to explore the place that’s not the now

and we act as if the present’s a slim, ephemeral
sliver of a second when in fact it’s perpetual
never ending
your conception of the past and the future
is absolutely imaginary, yeah it’s better to let it go
but remember you don’t got to rearrange your endorphins
to know there’s only a single moment that’s changing and morphing
and you’ve always been part of it
said there’ll never be an end as there was never a start to it
we all exist, even if only introspectively
so it doesn’t matter if we actually exist objectively

respectively all the effects you see are just
evanescence reflecting selectively
entering and exiting until you discern with your mission clear
on a quest for love but ain’t n-body gonna kiss you dear