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cml lavish d – where’s waldo? lyrics


[verse 1]
i never caught a body, that’s all this n-gg- ever say
call me john gotti, i’m sendin’ hits every day
king of the city and n-gg- you’s a featherweight
internet thuggin’, you sweeter than a carrot cake
ask e mozzy how that shitbag feel
i bet he stankin’ up the house when that shitbag spill
speakin’ on me but that boy got a shitbag still
my young n-gg-s blam-blammin’ with that big black steel
mozzy you a k!lla, but only in your videos
talkin’ all that bladadah, soundin’ h-lla silly though
i’m just being honest, that’s what got the last n-gg- smoked
you try to tell the truth and look what happened to that n-gg- zoe
n-gg-s really fakin’ it, don’t believe the hype man
you wouldn’t come outside so the mob k!lled your hype man
broad daylight, ain’t no waitin’ ’til tonight man
you was in the house sleep, xannys on the nightstand
lyin’ to your fans n-gg-, like you got the city locked
i’m in prison for nothin’ cause they know who got the city hot
n-gg-s in your section know we bouncin’ out on any spot
early mornin’ chasin’ n-gg-s down with that mini chop, n-gg-

[verse 2]
drill team, k!lla city, shots out to k-c
n-gg- this the thirties, choppas blowin’ like the a-c
your brody got knocked down and he had an a-p
let’s keep it real mozzy, tell them people why you hate me
it’s time to set the record straight, please pay attention
n-gg-s never heard of you until i went to prison
they smoked him right in front of you, you’s an eyewitness
and in that newspaper interview, you was dry snitchin’
you don’t be in sac, you be hidin’ in the bay
you let banner drive your car, n-gg-s shot him in the face
and that b-tch got smoked cause that hoe was in the way
it’s deeper than some rap beef, we on you cause you fake
even though you lyin’ in your songs you can rap good
you can be the next denzel, you can act good
the little homies catch you, they gonna smoke you like a backwood
even your fans be sayin’ shit that a rat would, n-gg-