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cognito – spoiled milk lyrics


never fear the one that talks the most sh-t
never fear the one that says he is the best or says that he can’t be f-cked with, nahh
fear the one that talks the least
fear the one that everyone thinks is spoiled, that everyone thinks is rotten
that no one saw coming, the one that had nothing to loose
and waited for the exact perfect time to strike

[verse 1: cognito]
you see
i got more drugs and alcohol in my system than sheen
baby says its stuck in my spleen
his a f-cking machine, a f-cking f-cking machine
off that 2 cups of that lean
i had never met someone so up-seen, with all them bad habits
f-ck it, i’m a savage addict
off a half of a tablet
of anything i can crack in half
on acid tabs, accidents happen
you ever seen a skitzo
mix rum with some ped???
its fun with some x and crystal
b-tch comes to expect the pistol
because when i loose it, i really lose it
they ain’t no way controlling me
i’ve got this gun for a reason baby, i ain’t just holdin’ it
i get a rush when its c-cked back and its burstin’
so when i don’t use it and i need it, kinda defeats the purpose
i need at least a week, a tweak priest to release these curses
(see i got these demons inside me that help me write these verses)
so i guess its over for me, i got sh-t for brains
i got this f-cking spoiled milk slowly trickling down my veins

so if i say f-ck you, i will take it personal
because every person i know is libel to get hit
i’ve been paid dues, probably been around your girl
i’ve been around the world
while intimating these kids, see
i got some things on my mind, so f-ck you this is my time
and i got no more patience, no more motivations
my brains gone from singing the same song
sipping that spoiled milk

[verse 2: cognito]
i never came to conquer rap
they said you “don’t improve it”
hit 2 birds with 1 stone if you can manage it – f-cking do it
i’mma f-cking use it as a tool for a movement
anarchy nation amus-m-nt park – abuses and losers
i’m about to take a 20 foot needle and melt up a ???
and inject it into the music industry
who’s gonna stop me?
now that i’m happy as a f-ggot gets after sucking a bag of d-cks
after having surgerlicy added t-ts just to p-ss as a b-tch
and i’ll be the first & last to admit, that the facts are the facts
so if you backtrack on the past, you asking for sh-t
asking to get left up sh-ts creek with a boat and no paddles
it’s time you grew a sack, don’t be no p-ssy – fight your own battles
we heard he had a album with fiz, then had a deal with master p
than had a deal with strange music and ended as fast it can be
and last but not least his back with a ?axetogrind?
a f-cking mastermind, sipping on this spoiled milk to p-ss the time


[verse 3: mean doe green]
henney, remmey, jack daniel, semi-feel it to the brim
say the wrong thing, i’ll switch to skitzo and make you loose a limb
straight shots by myself, treat tequila like your cyder
violate my sp-ce and i will murder you viral
i’m barbaric i bully beats, never blamed them if i don’t bury
my scars and 16’s i take it out on y’all fairies
depression level scary
sitting in tubs of rock berry
satan in my reflection i’m praying that god hear me
clearly like in my rhymes, murder my opposition
my foot on his neck, twisted it
fed him to the fishes, then
??? bl–dy pictures, ??swinning jinks in guinness??
smoked that acor in white papers before you n-ggers ever lit us, splif
they tent it, i’m t-tanic, they tylering or
i’m like zanex, i like panic, i feed on fear stay clear
if you might have it
a fifth today, what b-tches are light headed
been sipping since an infant, you can blame it on my daddy


anarchy nation x2