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committed jay – idle society lyrics


check it out
i’m a lone man
a young old man
all of one race
but we cannot hold hands

people fall, drop jaws, and
appalled cuz i’m black
here, they all call
and applaud when i rap

and it’s stupid, that
artists are a different kind of creature
they suck you into their
devil implying music then they eat you
and it’s all going to h-ll
when you get shot over some sneakers

you talk about, the world in your eye
your life is on the line
your k!lling yourself
getting hanged by the same vine you climb

no candles by the age of 25
you either have a pen, or your dead, or a 9

we don’t listen to
martins or malcolms
we listen to rappers
that throw bricks
on a phat track

my people can’t even
walk through a store
without a cop
yelling at them to open their backpack

cuz all they wish to see
is a black man with a black gat

and all those haters you see
running their mouth to antagonize me
when everyone and they mama
will idolize me

you’re doing better than them
so they hate you for it
show love, while they engulf you in hate
secretly like the snake in the garden
with adam and eve and the apple they ate

just vibe with the motion
speak in the movement
is your life just a notion?
a conception or idea of a door
that is closing
and the speed is affected
by the path you have chosen
i need to move on
cuz my life stopped unfolding
melancholic is the only word
that describes this dull moment