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conor maynard – for free (dj khaled cover) lyrics


[verse 1: anth]
yeah, i go on and on
she can’t understand how i last so long
another minute, i’ma snap this mattress
cause i get more than your average
bad b-tches in my ig, ig
oh lord think she like me, like me
wanna go wherever i be, i be
and i’m rolling like i’m spike lee, spike lee
might be

[pre-chorus: conor maynard]
aw baby, i’ve been spending some time lately
thinking about you and me
i’m just saying that
this d-ck so good, i shouldn’t have to f-ck for free

[verse 2: anth]
so i tell her
i could make you hit them high notes, acapella
spanish lil’ thang, nice face, -ss better
she always comes first, swear the girl deserves a medal

[verse 3: conor maynard]
let’s skip the conversation
take this to my location
i’ll be that new mercedes
you can come drive me crazy
pull up, pull up, pull up at my place
sit up, sit up, sit up on my waist
i get between your legs like o’lay
from the bed to the kitchen to the hallway
yeah, yeah, yeah
and if you want we can go again
and if you want you can bring your friend
i’m just saying that
this chick so good i shouldn’t get to f-ck for free

[verse 4: anth]
oh my
die for that pussy like i got 9 lives
claim she a good girl, don’t do one nights
well, why she asking for the wi-fi?
and if she do, then it’s cool, girl that’s fine by me
nothing on, but a thong, and my new white tee
white girl, spanish -ss, mami ven aqui
best sex i ever had, girl you just might be

[chorus: conor maynard]
for the longest we’re jamming in the party
and you wining in on me
pushing everything
baby, you on top of me
let me hold you
girl caress my body
you got me going crazy
you turn me on, turn me on
jam you
girl wine all around me
you got me going crazy
you turn me on, turn me on, yeah