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conveyer – eulogy lyrics


i made my choice a long time ago
my purpose set in stone
pardoned and cleared, no longer adhering to the grave
cut off from the atrocities i’ve made
to separate myself from a world to which i can’t relate
souls segregated from your sustainment
we all deserve to die alone
free me from the spirit of malignancy, from the big nothing
the human condition that i know

with the clock closing out on existence, my downfall will be my resistance
we all deserve to die, but i don’t want to fade away
living behind this mask i’ve made has only left me bound in chains

will you please carry me across the void?
can you fill this hole inside my heart?
this is a dead-end crossing without your voice
i’ve heard your calling and i’ve made my own choice
the gaping nothing has my soul in a vice
can you take this death from me and then replace it with life?

there’s nothing good here left for me on this earth
but a six-by-three, six feet down in the dirt
the longer i’m here, the light fades away
and as far as i am concerned, the worms can eat today

end my life, i’ll give up the ghost
no longer bound to the fire
send me home, i don’t want to live here anymore
where we live apart from love, where we think that god is not enough
you can leave flowers on my grave knowing that i never wanted to stay