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cool calm pete – the list lyrics


[verse 1]
your life is a-ok but can’t stand the maintenance
death to bad poetry can’t stand the cadence
willful from foreign hearts diminish the arts
but don’t worry cuz that’s how good things start
greed will get you fat loot but leave you with no friends
been spreading it thin tryna connect ends
i’ll send this one out to the greatest city
don’t trust these girls who act too giddy

[change up]

[verse 2]
cats and dogs, scuffle for scr-ps
and odd shapes and god can’t save facade
if you can’t rap just k!ll the noise
now roll the credits, seek and destroyed
deploy the missiles and drop the bombs
you’re on guard when the swords are drawn
can’t fade the calm and the list goes on
a shank katana ginsu box cutter
get a cutl-ss or dagger to stab through b-tter
you’re cold steel, i am for real
can’t call her just deal and what not
the world is mine, go get it or get got
got shot, left for dead and worthless
top of his cl-ss, then joined the circus
the ring leader without a cause or purpose
breathe fire and tame you animals
twenties in my back drop paid in full
copped it in cash, loans withdrawn
you ring it up and the list goes on
platinum ounces, rubies, rubles
for broke, that’s how the peso crumbles
scratch loot, francs and one yen
the dookie gold and a pound from back when
a bend starring the deacon pete smoking the sherm
and opened the strip down bleeping