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cordele iii – wftsz lyrics



oh baby look who we are

this is a wink from the stars above taking us far

i got the moon in my car

and the way your body glowing tonight, they’ll all know who you are

oh baby look who you are

you already know you’re a star for sure taking us far

i got the moon and the stars

and the way your body glowing tonight, you better show who you are


you got me feeling like mase but no reverend though

doing things you’ll never do

it’s a double on that bubble bath

putting bubbles on yo bubble boo

gooseb-mps on your rump, got us at the w

only do executive, ceiling to the floor my view

aye, ceiling to the floor with you, every inch of room with you

every inch is all for you, girl you better recognize

love it when you shine cause when we shine, it’s a different light

girl this is a different life


[verse 2]

okay now baby check the flave

east atlanta made

everything you crave come and get it in a wave

take an oath to the wave and come and catch your wave

vibe with me, the story of my life

girl i might just let you live it twice, only if you get me right

it’s a man’s world baby, and the way you make me stand out

i know they got they hand out, waitin’ for hand out’s

like i hope she ain’t gone try it out

oh baby look who we are