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cowboylucass – no feelins lyrics


(i think i got my swagger back ouuuuu ouuuuuu)

i dont give a single f-ck
and i never did
eat that pussy [?]
soon as i wake up i put the marijuana in my system
oh shit im sorry bro
i did not know that was your sister
flip her over and she ask me if i wanna fist her
one thing that you gotta know
cowboy dont use fingers
im a d-ck slinger
[?] boy got no feelins
i go both ways
i like f-ckin boys and b-tches
you dont know what i put my f-ckin body through
ive been slingin since this weekend
dunno what to do
imma toss it out like i always do
eyes red like redemption 2
who the f-ck is you?
i stay meditating in my room
what power [?]
third eye wide b-tch
i see right the f-ck through you