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crooked i – leather so soft lyrics


[intro: crooked i]
circle gang in the building
how ya’ll doing out there?
everybody asked me who i was talking about last week
it ain’t who you think it was
i got new haters
d-mn, yeah, i got new haters
that’s why i’ma just lay back
you naw mean, on this smooth -ss beat
i ain’t even fittin’ to get hype on these n-gg-s ’cause
i’m looking into the future right now man
i’m trying to do something on this west coast you know
plus them n-gg-s so soft

[verse 1: crooked i]
man my grind got a sweet tooth, i gotta find cake
i never met a billion dollars but we got a blind date
and when she meet me, she’ll marry me, i got blind faith
speak it into existence yeah, that’s my mind state
peeking into the distance, got my eyes straight
my hustle got so much patience it’s making time wait
now put in on the shelf, let’s watch the record sell
when it come to being dope, you know i never fail
i put that money in the streets and i never tell
cops want me in a oxymoron, that’s a better jail
’cause i dump -ssault rifles
thinking like i’m stokely carmichael
a eastside psycho
keep the pistol by my side tummy tucked like lypo
point it at your bow tie if you know tae bo
it’s crooked i hoe, baby want to f-ck a baller
she wearing a shirt that say b-tch
now what i’m supposed to call her?
let her in the car she said the leather’s so soft
had to tell her she’s h-lla fly but look better clothes off
better pose naked while she blowing my chevy doors off
i get more head in the impala than every known boss
i’m my very own boss, i don’t carry on flaws
i never burn bridges ’cause that’s a stepping stone loss
i’m a hustler getting it at a very low cost
think my mama should’ve named me rick harry-o ross

gotta be a boss
gotta be a g
the streets k!ll my homies
what you think they’ll do to me
my people doing hard time and they won’t let them free
i been all around the world and all i see is c.o.b
c.o.b., c.o.b., c.o.b
that’s all i need, that’s all i need
c.o.b., c.o.b
’cause they riding with me