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curryyboii - rich boy intro lyrics


rich boy intro

[produced by metro boomin’]

verse 1:
pure gold chains and pure cocaine

got cash to blow, and i’m high on fame
my life’s a movie, and you know my name. (romeo, b+tch)

all loose hoes feelin’ the same

verse 2:

lookin’ in, all i see is a winner, clearer
you ain’t seein’ no one richer than me
money so long, it’s a d+mn degree
making some black tea, before i sleep

living life lavish, no apologies
poppin’ bottles, wild nights, we the prodigies
friends wild, never mild, living loud
every night a new high, every crowd wowed
all loose hoes feelin’ the same
smokin’ marijuana, trippy like nirvana, come meet me at the sauna
my daddy rich, his wife’s a b+tch
she ain’t gettin’ no d+ck, cause my daddy’s a busy d+ck

verse 3:
ego so big, it’s a wonderland
living life large, just as planned
money stacks high, touching the sky
no one alive can deny, i’m that guy
being always high, drugs in my brain always making me dry

luv: boy, don’t be so overconfident. the gods will f+ck you up any time
romeo: f+ck the gods, let me finish this b+tch

pure gold chains and pure cocaine
richest man in the room, drop that ass low, make some room for me, hoe
every day a new story, living in glory
welcome to this b+tch, now here’s my life

luv: you’re gonna regret, don’t disrespect the gods like that!
romeo: stfu, luv! you’re irritating me now, let me f+cking be man! f+ck the gods, middle fingers to gods…
[transitions to the next track]

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