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curse ov dialect – bh lyrics


[verse 1: volk makedonski]
walk through the crowd louder than a politician
talk to a towel soaked clouding my vision
therapeutic mission illusion group worker
intrusion soothing social workers confusion
cruising full speed rescue motor fueled
by overpriced ego super size slice and dice clients
are like mice getting caught twice in the help
trap human service health chat bole the ball of love howz that?
hat trick social theory in a mouse trap
drowning on the offsh-r- off course concord
distant local out the back of my front yard
out the front of my backyard placard playful
antagonistic hazard carrier marry the
opposite of moccasins mocking your rocking horse
stocking more no remorse for an overcast
outcast at last my mind moves fast
trying to find the past in the post modern thought…

[verse 2: atarungi]
who am i do or die here we go again…
evolution break make no mistake
hypothesis said no will they come again?
listen to showing threw when they ran away
deep in the mind soul to believe show me love
can’t conceive this illusive perspective i navigate
contemplate no arrival true pedigree
my rights want a view that can handle me…
fragmented level gave impression suggestion
i’ll be spending the day caught up on yesterday
not dreaming on tomorrow time will tell & the rest will follow
understood do the best you could
present package has damage circ-mstances no different
timid ceremony oppose the unknown
keep searching for the law confliction
odyssey possibly addition
h-m-genous cognition

[verse 3: volk makedonski]
sit in the middle suspense fence sitter
revelation argument debate feel bitter
sitting in a circle of human clones
separated on my own roaming and drowning in
unforseen specs in a dream sympathetic to pathetic theoretical position
hold on get ready now listen
i was put in this place to put you in place
face to face pirate and prostitute lost the loop
so i rock the flute blow through the pipe wipe out
constitutions monsters and losers who’s who
in who’s crew and who’s culture do you claim?
vandalize and -n-lyze the standard lies candid eyes
no surprise you’re all the same dwelling
in a parallel machine you call a brain!

[verse 4: atarungi]
scary questions…
that scream for an answer
distinctive links like words & phraseology monopolize climbers
like riddlers
soul seeking sense for a program i interrupt
deafness play with me filth ridden rot departed
while i laugh & laugh & laugh…
touch ov a visionary…
fashion garments divide & conquer
provocative tangents reframe from exquisite & specific