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curse ov dialect – missionaries lyrics


[verse 1: august 2nd]
conquerors sailed wind and sea
jesuit missionaries woo hwarani
garden of eden paradise on earth
purity corrupted that iberian curse
lightening spears and toledo swords
star bound souls sent by spanish h–rds
death world people, living in sin
suffocate amazon, lungs and skin
ancient grandfather trees of god
await war cries fight all odds
spirit snakes slither through dry riverbeds
sacred stones bring life to dead
emerald forest invisible folk
white ants test jungle yolk
look through darkness to what has been
extinguished flames and silent screams

[verse 2: raceless]
plane flies the demise of the dense undergrowth
some papuan amazonian untouched both
linguistically intrinsically lifestyle definitive
paparazzi snap photos of the primitive!!?
give them an i-phone a new fashion zone
exotic camouflage exoticise the unknown
open the door for the new conquistador
exploit the joint while the culture is raw
raping the forestry these termites are horribly
forcing modern ways evil plan methodically
and alcoholism promotes disintegration
wreaking havoc on the native population
historically speaking the western mind teaching
time and time again that the world is weeping

[verse 3: mc hernan yoia]
pacha mama says – never join your crew
sos hijo del diablo sos el jemembu
pacha mama says – never join your crew
sos hijo del diablo sos el jemembu

que caiga la lluvia y se lleve el dolor
y con mucho hambre que vuelva el calor
y con esa lluvia que nazca una flor
un grito unido que pide el tambor
palabra nativa palabra de hermano
palabra de negro aborigen americano
cagaron la selva escupieron cultura
metieron la iglesia che, no es una dictadura ?
me parte el corazon ver un puto boton
olvidar su cultura y entrar en la locura
estamos confundidos si estamos re-perdidos
y esa misma mierda nos mantienen divididos!!!!!!!