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cyssero – switch seats lyrics


wonder what the f-ck is going on with hip-hop
ooh, somebody call me when the shit stops
ooh, weak millz, should’ve keep your lips locked
ooh, should’ve kept his f-cking

[verse 1]
i know you, it really wasn’t in your mind you will win
but f-ck it, respond to him again, don’t take the bomb to the chin
the chance to outrap the number one artist, can’t get the job done?
n-gg-, you in the need of a game winner, you better lob one
what’s the point of pointing out he’s got a ghostwriter
when you ain’t come close to being more fire when you wrote ’bout him
but yeah, i know, i know, you got m’s, you a ghost buyer
the boy l gonna haunt you like you saw a ghost by ya
what a mistake, why take a poke at the champ?
you’re only good for twitter fingers and emotional rants
he got views from the 6, i want views of your face
when you hear you’re going down in history for losing to drake

you can’t finish what you started beef with the n-gg-
hope the 6 god make you switch seats with the n-gg-
not to mention drake is ’bout to 3 peat on you, n-gg-
d-mn, you might as well switch seats with the n-gg-
why you let the city down, we lost belief in you n-gg-
come back to the underground, switch seats with the n-gg-
why you let drizzy drake bar beat on you, n-gg-
oh god, somebody better switch seats with you, n-gg-

[verse 2]
dreams worth more than money, alb-m was hot
but that d-mn wanna know diss kinda is not
wait, n-gg-s know you cannot f-ck with drake, they’ll bet everything
and tell the homies they can’t yes everything
c’mon stop that, your shouldn’t have let him drop that
there are millions of hip-hop fans watching, y’all got to watch that
you got that? the whole f-cking world is watching
no, f-ck that, n-gg-, your f-cking girl is watching
on your shot in a diss, don’t get sunk, you got to drown n-gg-s
treat it like it’s too loud in the room, hold it down, n-gg-
it’s not a diss, i’m trying to tell him things
to help him, do the street guys a favor, lose the belly ring
yes, belly ring, instagram
he got a pic of rich homie quan and he got a belly ring
you’ve been waiting for this since 16 or 17
and nicki helped your career in the bank, you want a wedding ring?


ayo man
philly don’t rock like that, bro
n-gg-s be dissing philly n-gg-s, we clean them n-gg-s up, man
we body them n-gg-s
we don’t let them n-gg-s get no w’s, man
you are f-cking ugly