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c’zr – i kno it. you kno it. lyrics


black crown vic, car windows tinted, more than likely carl windslow in it
gotta be the feds, if the rims ain’t kitted, can’t see ma eyes under blue jay fitted,
now makin it happen, is the focal point, way deeper than a vocal joint,
sorry mama if i dissappoint, but it’s gods plan and he did anoint,
see i came from the jungle but i’m not a savage, if you biting mine, you get a knuckle sandwich,
tryna counterfeit the whole style i brandish, from the motherland, and mines outlandish,
chest heavy, tryna breath easy, man that grade a got my chest wheezy
exhale hope the stress leaves me make it thru the stretch to make the next breezy
on beats, murder was the case that they gave me, like i’m straight buggin wit my nukka 380
bright where the block shady, on the same corner where brenda had a baby,
now i’m mos def but i started out a maybe, i can’t deny the fact i’m a kid from the 80’s,
still got a thing for the old school mercedes trying to feed my babies, babies, babies

i know it… and you know it (x2)
i can’t stop… i gotta keep going (x4)

i’m takin my shot i never cease fire, got big dreams gotta reach higher
stackin m’s and then retire , superman wishing he could be flyer,
kodak flash get the photo wit it, i remember riding a four door civic
green keeps jumpin, i smoke then ribbid, if time is money then i fortified minutes,
i flipped that into a couple hours, in a few, had days devoured,
hunger for more i could smell power, munchies offa that sour dower,

chief keefin, hate being sober, still the same man when the rapping over,
got the streets buzzin, like i came wit a motor, i ain’t losing money to no janky promoter,
they don’t wanna see me in a mean compressor, p-ssin by, drop cabesa,
school of hard knocks, i’m the new professor, hate in ya blood but non the lessor,
i’m a non aggressor, anarchist, nothin in the world out matchin this
i’m a p-ssive activist, wit an active wrist, black and proud, i never drop my fist
false prophets, do you see these fakes, now i preach to m-sses like t d jakes,
ya obsolete like cd, tapes, i usedta overdub on em t d k’s, deposit time i feed t d k’s, now the whole world wanna know my e t a,
i bet you want to see me paid, paid, paid, i bet you want to see me paid, paid, paid