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da brat – west side lyrics


“west side”
(feat. jermaine dupri)

[jermaine dupri – echoing]
this is a, so so def, world premier
a world, premier
so so def, world premier

[intro: da brat]
heh! i’ve been away and sh-t, heh
but i’m back now, heh heh
it’s really like i ain’t even went nowhere
ya dig? heh heh, cause i’m the sh-t
been the sh-t, past present and future
ya dig? heh chi-town stand up
for the west side (west side, west side)

[da brat]
i don’t need an intro, it’s no, secret that i’ve been gone
keep yo’ attention like i’m swimmin in a fish bowl
all eyes on me, they tell all kind of lies on me
but i’m all smiles homey cause i’m on they mind
only one brat, twitter that, figure the stats
see ain’t picture me quittin, when in fact i’m still winnin
came out of a p-ssy predicament and still grinnin
no matter the opposition, i play my position
i be the pitcher, the batter, the center or the point guard
hook up a dinner do dishes and mow the front yard
domesticated and educated a understatement
the streets raised me and i’m a grandma’s baby
i made it, possible, for n-gg-z not to know
i surp-ssed gold and ran right past goals
my monopoly invested in this rap sh-t (rap sh-t)
and i’m the best that ever did it, it’s da brat b-tch!

pop a bottle if you f-ck wit da brat
smoke one and represent where you at
got’chu somethin to b-mp in yo’ ride
it’s none other than that n-gg- from the west side (west side)

[da brat]
throw one in the air for your girl (girl)
send a bottle to them over there from your girl (drink some’n)
tell them i can feel it when they stare at your girl, glare at your girl
i understand, they wishin i am in they world
you’re n-body ’til somebody kill you biggie never lied
the time i wasted felt like i died
now it’s “life after death,” so so anita baker
caught up in this rap sh-t, so so inebriated
chi-town, west side, you know how we stand up
man up, motherf-cker get your hands up!
i’m a representer, the presence of a winner, it lives in her
from a teenager to right now, i ain’t no beginner
the history paid is relayed, who the illest is
it’s okay, i can take your lil’ criticism
long as it’s constructive, and i can be productive
and you learn brat, is not to be f-cked with


[outro: da brat]
yeahhhhhh, ha ha
yeah, uh-huh
so so def in the building
brat on the mixtape, hah
yeah, how we do?