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dani lee pearce – trust lyrics


an iron door swings open, a stranger walks inside
is this just another stop of my never-ending ride
i cower in the corner, no touch was ever gentle
no face showed any kindness or feelings sentimental

i know not what i did, i seem to be a curse
forever i’ve debated whether they or i was worse
could i be second-guessing, is this how love should feel
i’ve seen so many forms i no longer know what’s real

somehow, they got me out of there and got me here
i was found tied up in the backyard on the coldest day of the year
i can’t say i’ve felt much warmer in the places that i’ve stayed
the rituals i’ve expected have become quite delayed

why have you even come here this face i’ve never seen
no one ever wants to see me, i’m not pretty, nice or clean
are you going to keep hurting me? that’s usually what it is
i was told this many times back when i was his

a word drop in the post box that i keep between my ears
is this week the word “worth” it seems to appear
and i obviously don’t have it so the voices yelling at me say
that i’m just living yet another normal day

i used to be intelligent
now i’m just belligerent
how dare i know things beyond numbers and strings?

new, tasty revelations meant to be kept miles low
will make me enemies everywhere i go
i am ragged, i am torn, i’m of barely any form
there is never any calm before an endless storm

i will howl upon contact and shake until i completely deconstruct
it’s my only form of conduct
i will pledge all of my service
if it means i won’t have pain
it only works if i’m lucky, but i don’t have much else to gain
and if there’s ever a problem, i’ll automatically know it’s me
it must be me

give love to your children
give love to your sisters
give love to your partners
give them nothing to fear

give them trust