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death to the robots – mega electric blues lyrics


this is black tar heroin, rap stars buried in
a m-ss grave, hashtag trap god pharaoh with
the hacksaw, jim duggan backyard terrorist
top turn buckle ten knuckles to your larynx
a rabid attack dog in desperate need of a therapist
jumping without a parachute hoping the wind will carry him
safely back to his chariot, rape and pillage your area
genghis khan the mc call me the bar-barian
deadly as kate jenner behind the wheel of a lexus and
checking her text messages running over pedestrians
heart filling with vengeance when she remembers it
life as a kardashian, car crashing through weddings and
mowing down the guests and then running over the terrace screaming
this is how you left me a transs-xual lesbian?
all my lyrics i build them with the offenses in
multiple life sentences in my sentences
social justice warriors keep revoking my membership
but they’re just prejudice, hating cause i’m insensitive
if i wore a dress when i said it they’d call me eloquent
gliding like a gazelle, fighting oppression with elegance
but since they define me but what my gender is
now i’m alt-right, misogyny’s representative
they want freedom but keep screaming for censorship
elephant’s in the room, i’m just not afraid of addressing it


go on and give them some
go on and give them some
go on and give them some
nah f-ck these p-ssies, go on and give them some

going on my second wind, should’ve never let me in
b-lls of t-tanium dragging across your cranium
dropping down and scr-ping them, sparks ignite the flames again
angry half indian, wait, native canadian
i feel like i’m malaysian mixed with a pomeranian
tumblr hashtagging it, tweeting it but the label does
nothing to change anything, you just can’t say i’m crazy and
force you all to applaud me talking about how brave he is
as i take the stage, n0body willing to challenge me
accepting my award for greatest dog in the galaxy
oh, so bi-species and transracial
double jeopardy f-ckers it’s now my place to
ruin whoever i wanna, f-ck out my face dude
disagree with me and i’ll put you into a hate group
put the liberal mob on you, degrade you
push you into a corner and f-cking humiliate you
fight back and i’ll lock myself in my safe room
petting kittens and eating organic grapefruits
my thoughts and reality never intersect
i’ll be here forever to bully you on the internet


go on and give them some
go on and give them some
go on and give them some
drop a bomb on these b-tches, go on and give them some