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ammi $age – intro. (sober) lyrics


woah, last take
no sh-t left in my gas tank
got a bad b-tch but her -ss fake
if we talkin’ races, i’m in last place
i’m a -ssh0l-, i know
to you this probably a side show
but every single time i go and catch my breath
i know i’d never talk to no side hoe
just know this
my mind is on you
all of these things that you putting me ‘thru
saying your name when i’m up in the ‘stu
don’t really make sense but i know that it’s true
imagine you’ve been fasting, pouring up with the antagonist
laughing with gas masks, and p-ssin’ wraps to get smacked again
never lace the blunt but lace this cross behind my back again
askin’ what ever happened to friends that would have my back?
but a tab of the acid rap had them back in their f-ckin’ bag again
lifted but stay grounded
my enemies astounded
my homies smoke eighths down
’cause they pushin’ that weight, clowns be all over the place
tryna’ get whats on my plate
it ain’t much
but no amount of cash would ever make me sell my paintbrush
just wait bruh
i got myself a million dollar scheme
just to get a text from the girl of my dreams (ay)