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dex osama – 19.5 lyrics


these n-gg-s out here playing, man i swear to god

they gone make come and put one in these p-ss-es car

better yet, meaning i swear to god

i’ll beat you to ya crib, be in ya front yard

n-gg-s out here playing, man they think this sh-t a game

(huh) choppa boyz, the clique n-gg- i claim

listen, listen n-gg- this murder capitol

we turnt them choppas and get murdered after you

hop out wit them choppas, osama he getting hit

these n-gg-s out f-ckin wit b-tches we been hit

that franky got a crazy face that frank muller

spent alot of faces on that, word to my jeweler

(huh) shoot a n-gg- all in his sh-t, clip like a ruler

touchdown we in oak town, stacking like hoovers

the way a n-gg- moving that dog, fast as a cargo

put about sixteen bands up out my cargos

bad b-tch, thick n the waist, crib full of marbles

hunnit bands,fresh out the safe,who want the problems

get the ten and serve right in front of ya, benihanas

nine times outta ten, these n-gg-s dont want no problems