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dir en grey – yurameki [english] lyrics



i cannot return, i want to forget, my love for you that will not “waver”

on that day, i vanished from your sight. now it’s already too late, what can i do?
staring at you as you broke down crying, i embraced you even tighter than usual. but you won’t change
how i realise it now, your love is already gone… i was truly a fool for you
shall we end it here? when i think of you, for some reason my eyes fill with tears.
i will never hurt you again. because i want to hold you close like i always did before.
i’ve betrayed our love too much… “now we cannot return to how we were three years ago…”
why did the two of us meet? what did i give to you?
if there’s a chance we could meet again, i’ll keep waiting until that time.
i cannot return, i want to forget, one more time, more than ever before
even my memories i want to forget, my heart that loved you is in pain
for all eternity, love like never before
for all eternity, our love will not return.
with my serious betrayal meaning more than my love, you will never “waver”…