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disfigured - ridden with disgust lyrics


sick of your bullsh+t
transparency see me through this
world that you cre+hate to spread your lies
infecting all that was once real to me
feeding on the blind has become your
everything, you’re too meek to understand
i see through your weak mistakes
so now you’re blind, useless to your mind
f+ck you
driven by the rage out to the point of no return
your worthless ways to play clearly to us all
play your games, you amuse me
when all’s said and done it’s you who takes the fall
pulsate, mutate what have i become lost
ridden with disgust you make
senseless to the world, i loathe you
you can see me now see through you
ridden with disgust
look at yourself and look at what you have become
you’ve broken yourself down but all for what
insecure the splendor of this new machine
morality is lost, all is gone so now you see
time to face up i give up
you’ve now slipped away, i’m
ridden with disgust

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